12 comments on “How to Have a Theological Disagreement

  1. thanks broseph,

    this has been good for me as ive been struggling through some wilderness-ish-ness as far this goes.

    how can you speak authoritatively and gently at the same time?

    Does the content of my message attribute to the backfire i hear against “the way i’m saying something??”


    As you know, i am no n00b to this subject

  2. Speaking authoritatively has nothing to do with tone. If I am speaking with my children, I would never want to raise my voice. Consider how many times you’ve seen a cop come running up to your car window all frantic, waving his arms and yelling, “What are you doing??!! Slow down!” Authority very often is the most soft-spoken and gentle voice in the fray.

  3. Very thought provoking. However, I thought I WAS the sole depository for the truth! Not really! Although, my husband does call me the Universe Police, Defender of Justice!

    A little disillusioned lately by some “church” things. Thanks for this post. Check mine out if you get a moment and feel free to refer me to a Counselor!!!

    Glad your house sold and all is well with you and your family!

  4. Yeah i’m not sure it’s tone though…i’ve never known myself to be a screamer…or even a voice-raiser…

    O the agonye!!!

  5. Hello Brother Adam

    Just wanta say Hi and say that I love the pic of Conner drinking from a Spurgeon cup. You have him well grounded already!!!

  6. I’ve never considered myself as having a theological disagreement. I’ve just always thought of it as the disagreeing (other) person having a theological error:) Don’t worry, you’re less wrong than a lot of people I know…

  7. Recently, my boyfriend and I have been getting into theological disagreements frequently. We are both born again Christians who love to study scripture, but just last night we got into an arguement that made me feel as though I had lost my desire to study theology again because of all the frustration it caused. He is going to school to be a Bible Professor. If he has this effect on me (frustration) then I am worried that not be the right route for him but am afraid to hurt his feelings. Have any advice?

  8. I would look at myself first. Is there anything in your own heart (pride, bitterness, etc.) that would keep you from hearing your boyfriend? I’m just throwing this out there because too many times, people don’t look at themselves first. Is it that your boyfriend is frustrating or that you find it difficult to submit to the truth of scripture?

    Secondly, if it is indeed the case that your boyfriend cannot lead people into understanding but frequently “cuts off the ears before they have a chance to listen”, then he should be told. This is what the bible means when it says “iron sharpens iron”. Only when his shortcomings are discussed can he begin to correct them. Tell it in LOVE, of course.

    Thirdly, if you guys are fighting over the bible, it might be a good time to take a break from the relationship. Fighting is never a good sign. Especially if the source of tension is the word of God itself. This man may not be the leader God has chosen for you. Or – you may not be the help-meet God has chosen for him.

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